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Fred Rabbitt Says Lets Party. This animation was magically produced by Fred Rabbitt using his most magical powers. Fred Rabbitt loves to go to children's partys cause he is a magic rabbit.
Fred Rabbitt's Fun Page

Fred in top hat - Fred Rabbitt is the pink rabbit who is the President of The Rabbit Magic Circle and has been since June 1979. He is the oldest magic rabbit not in captivity in the world. Already he has performed on the stage of The Magic Circle in London and has travelled the world from Stevenage to New York and all sorts of places were other magicrabbits fear to go.Fred Rabbitt,
the most magical rabbit in the world

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FRED RABBITT has gone to Mars and you could have joined him. 
Well actually his name went on a DVD on the
Mars Exploration Rover-2003 Mission

Fred was issued by NASA a certificate thanking him for joining in.
The following is an extract of what is written on his certificate:

"Thank you for joining us on this mission of exploration and discovery. 
A compact disc bearing your name
will be included in one of the next Mars Exploration Rover-2003 missions
 that will explore the planet's surface in search of geologic evidence of water in Mars' past.
Together, we will journey into space to discover and understand the many wonders of our universe"

The Rover landed on Mars in January 2004 and if you were able to get to Mars and play the DVD ...

  Fred Rabbitt's name is surprise surprise  listed TWICE  (well he is a magic rabbit after all)

Fred rabbitt has been sent a  new certificate which says

"Thank you for joining us on this mission of exploration and discovery.
DVDs bearing your name are now on\par Mars at Gusev Crater (Spirit) and at Meridiani
Our journey of knowledge and wonder continues!"

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Barbara and Alan Astra
when they heard they had won the lottery

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Fred Rabbitt

loves to come to

children's parties

. He is the pink rabbit that all children love cause as well as the magic fun party things that he does he is very funny. He may wave a magic wand, or sometimes knock the hat off Alan Astra.
Alan Astra and Barbara Astra

are the fun party entertainers who make a party real fun and always come with

Fred Rabbitt











Barbara Astra was the first lady to hand David Berglas, President of The Magic Circle, an application form to join The Magic Circle. She has been promoted to Associate of The Inner Magic Circle (with silver star), and is one of the few to attain such a high level within the circle.