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Dinner With The Astras

25th April 2015


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Alan becomes the New President of  The British Ring of Magicians

Ring No 25 of The International Brotherhood of Magicians

28th September 2014

AA + BM IBM 2014

Alan reads a long list of important tasks that need to be done straight away,  whilst Barbara gives her full attention, ... 

to the Camera Man!!!


Alan Astra's Christmas Punch & Judy shows in the High Street of Whittlesea near Peterborough, were such a success that he has been asked back every year since1998.
"It was so cold performing in December with freezing temperatures, whilst the children waited to see Santa Clause," says Alan who is not a newcomer to presenting Punch & Judy Shows outdoors in December. "Each of the 20 shows lasted between 7 and 10 minutes, with just enough time to get the hands warm before starting again to a new audience. It's quite a new experience to have the audience slowly move from left to right as they watched Punch and Judy before disappearing into Santa's Grotto."


Barbara and Alan Astra entertained in King's Lynn with their Punch & Judy shows again in 2015 as one of the attractions for Festival Too.

This is their 30th consecutive year at the annual festival and Barbara and Alan along with Fred Rabbitt met up with all their friends old and new, young and not so young


Barbara and Alan once again win the presigous Mystic Craig Trophy at the 2012 International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention in Great Yarmouth.


Alan and Barbara also demonstrated many magical effects at The Convention one of which was featured on the ITV programme About Anglia News on Friday 30th September. One local Magician was so impressed with the Illusion, that he rushed to the Convention the next day to buy it!


Alan Astra at Llandudno 1999 demonstrating one of his 'children's magic effects
Alan Astra demonstrates one of his Magical Effects.
Peter Gardini looks on messmerised (ok, just looks on)!
Alan is also famed through out the magical world as
the top magical printer of playing cards.


Alan became a Freeman of The City of London in December 2011,
he now has a key to The City which he can magically turn at any time!


Barbara & Alan Astra awarded 'The Silver Wand' at
The Magic Circle Banquet 2009


Being so popular with the children of King's Lynn, Barbara and Alan Astra were booked for lots of shows at the
King's Lynn 800th Charter Carnival


The Magic Circle have used Alan Astra's Close-up Magical talents on a regular basis at their open evenings and in several Christmas Shows at The Centre for the Magic Arts in London


At the 2002 International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention in Eastbourne, Barbara and Alan Astra won the presigous Mystic Craig Trophy for their Magical Presentation of Playing Cards which had been magically printed, said by many to be the best in years


Alan made a life-size balloon sculpture of Tom Baker's character 'Wyvern' for the BBC television series of 'Randle and Hopkirk (Deceased)' . Alan was asked to make the sculpture for one of the scenes which was filmed just before Christmas. About 500 balloons were used, as the whole thing had to be entirely made with modelling balloons, it took about 4 hours to construct. Unfortunately the scene appears to have been cut, such is fate!!!


The Magic Circle have used Alan Astra's balloon Sculpting talents for it's Christmas 1998 and 2000 Shows in The Centre for the Magic Arts in London. Alan has also been booked for his magic skills for regular public events held at The Magic Circle, and at some of their Christmas Shows


has gone to Mars and you could have joined join him. Well actually his name went on a DVD on the Mars Exploration Rover-2003 Mission. He has been issued by NASA a certificate thanking him for joining in.

"Thank you for joining us on this mission of exploration and discovery. A compact disc bearing your name will be included in one of the next Mars Exploration Rover-2003 missions that will explore the planet's surface in search of geologic evidence of water in Mars' past. Together, we will journey into space to discover and understand the many wonders of our universe"

Fred's new certificate says

"Thank you for joining us on this mission of exploration and discovery. DVDs bearing your name are now on Mars at Gusev Crater (Spirit)
and at Meridiani Planum (Opportunity).
Our journey of knowledge and wonder continues

There are lots of other pages full of stuff about space and the planets which you can link to from the above page.


7ft tall FRED RABBITT was the surprise special guest on Tuesday 21st December 1999 at The Magic Circle.
This was the last Members night of the old Millenium!!!
The Fund Raising Magic Extravaganza
for The Whittington Hospital Thalassaeia Appeal
presented by SPYROS (Dr Magic) with stars Ali Bongo, The Great Kavari, Linda Lewis, Anthony Wade, Pete McCahan.......


Barbara and Alan Astra were booked by The British Ring of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) to give a lecture/talk on "Entertaining Children" at the September 1999 Magic Convention in Llandudno. Almost 2000 magicians from all over the world gathered for this annual event, the biggest gathering of magicians in the world. The lecture went so well that Barbara and Alan have been invited by many Magical Societys in the UK to present "The Astra Way to Entertain Children" talk for the year 2000


Barbara and Alan Astra can be contacted on:
tel: 01438 722001 or fax: 01438 239373

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