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Alan Astra featured not once but twice on ITV1's Des & Mel TODAY programme. Alan had to teach Mel how to make the clasic poodle, during the time allowed (3 minutes). Alan managed to make a baby swan 'on air' as well as talk to Des and Mel and make the poodle. Asked back for the Friday programme, when Mel admirally managed tp make her poodle, Alan presented Mel with a 'Hawaiian' balloon-flower and Des received a balloon apple, (complete with a worm which popped out of the top of the apple.)

Alan Astra

Alan Astra is The European Balloon Champion and it is not unusual for Alan to make between 500 and a 1000 balloon sculptures at one engagement. He is limited to only being able to make as many different models as his imagination allows. For instance when appearing at The New Malden Tesco Extra Superstore on St Valentines Day, Alan Astra made about 1500 balloon sculptures including his favourite creation of 2 lovebirds enclosed in a heart.

Since 1979 Alan Astra has been one of the few Balloon Sculptors in the UK who is able to keep audiences young and old entertained just by twisting and manipulating ordinary and modelling balloons.

World famous The Magic Circle has employed Alan's services to entertain with balloons at 16 of their Christmas Shows. Alan made thousands of balloon models in over a 100 variations, the most talked about being a 3 foot high Magic Rabbit.

Alan Astra Balloon Picture 1
Alan Astra Balloon Picture 2 In 1996 Alan Astra become  ' The European Balloon Champion'  at the European Magic Championships held in Devon.

Later in the year, in his capacity as such a renowned balloonist Alan was invited onto Virgin Radio to talk about Richard Branson's failed attempt to travel around the world in a Hot Air Balloon!!!

Although Alan's ballooning is quite different, he was able to make a scaled model of the unfortunate Hot Air Balloon whilst the program was 'on air'.

The two pictures show Alan with the Balloon Sculpture, and 'on air' with Jono Coleman.

Alan Astra Balloon Picture 3
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For six consecutive years Alan entertained the racegoers at Kempston Park Racecourse on Boxing Day. His finest achievement was to twist balloons into a likeness of one of the winners complete with Jockey aboard.

All through the year Alan is rushing around fetes, fairs, schools, shopping centres and private parties. Alan has been in big demand at Wedding Celebrations, some of which have been held in stately homes including Castle Ashby as well as the world famous Station X - Bletchley Park, home of the wartime Enigma Machine.

Alan's talents were called apon to make a lifesize sculpture of Tom Baker, for the TV series 'Randle and Hopkirk (Deceased)'. Alan has also made balloon sculptures for BBC's 'Smith and Jones' Comedy Series.

Alan has travelled to USA, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Italy and Holland, were he proved his worth as a talented balloonist.

picture - Alan Astra with monkey up a tree balloon sculpture just one of the many creations he can make. Why not book him for your next function, be it a wedding celebration or trade show, he can give that extra magical twist to any event.

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